Marketing Communications Plan For Burberry

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Marketing Communications Plan Introduction Companies can only make revenues when customers purchase their products or services. To increase sales, it is pivotal for the companies to develop an effective and clear Marketing plan. In this context, each year the company’s sales and profits are increased due to its strengths such as high quality luxurious products, massive growth of outlets stores across UK and effective marketing campaigns. This paper will present a clear marketing plan for Burberry. Overview of Burberry Founded in 1856 in England, Burberry denotes a luxurious fashion brand operating in the fashion and clothing industry of UK. The company has been effectively catering its products to fulfil the needs of the targeted…show more content…
524). Email campaigns and Newsletters help to maintain contact and strengthen relationships with prospects until they are ready to buy (Percy, 2008, p. 2). Consistency in Content Messages have to be consistent so that the potential customers do not get confused. The messages used in the integrated marketing communication must be either to inform, persuade or remind the consumers. The content of message must be consistent across all media (Panda 2009, p. 524). Consistency of Design It is important to conduct similar design patterns in all the communication mediums. Similar colour scheme, pictures and visual elements will play a pivotal role in reinforcing the significant campaign messages and will connect different campaign elements into a unified whole. Moreover, design consistency can effectively decrease the campaign costs (Laitinen, 2009, p. 21). Alignment of Sales With the help of IMC, the sales team can provide the significant information that decision-makers require while making the purchase decision. An integrated campaign aligns the communication program with the purchasing process at each stage to ensure success. Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) combines various media so that the outcomes of the marketing campaigns can be improved. An example of IMC can be using direct marketing to follow up an advertising campaign and connecting the direct marketing aspect to a specific website page. Hence, each element of the campaign is engaged in
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