Marketing Communications: Process Theory and Promotional Mix

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Marketing Communications: Process, Theory, and Promotional Mix Introduction The intent of this paper is to describe the marketing communications process, contrast marketing communications with integrated marketing communications, and explain how effective marketing integration improves communication. The essential elements of the promotional mix are also analyzed. The foundational elements of the marketing communications process are a critical component that contributes to the attainment of strategic marketing plans and initiatives throughout organizations (Rowley, 2001). Analysis of the Marketing Communications Process The basic nature of the marketing communications process begins with the sender determining the best format, context and content of a given message and then "encoding" it into the specific format so the chosen medium can be used for transferring it. The decoding of the message by the receiver, followed by a response and feedback loop, turns the marketing communications process into a closed-loop system (Rowley, 2004). What makes the marketing communication process so effective is how agile it is in responding to the specific needs and requirements of a given communication goal or objective (Rowley, 2004). The overall marketing communications process can also be tailored to the specific needs of a given medium as well. The use of the marketing process framework online for example can deliver exceptionally strong insights in the form of analytics and key
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