Marketing Communications Proposal for Bulldog Natural Grooming

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Marketing Communications Proposal for Bulldog Natural Grooming

The UK men’s skincare industry was a £57 million a year industry in 2008 and is highly competitive. It is still a miniature market when compared to the women’s skincare revenue which was 10 times higher in the same time. (
It is under these circumstances that Bulldog was established by Simon Duffy and Rhodri Ferrier. Bulldog is a natural-skincare brand specially formulated for men. They have aimed at differentiating their product by the organic nature of the products where most of the competitor’s products included synthetic ingredients and by refraining
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It is very important as situational analysis creates the foundation for the company to decide courses of action to be implemented.
It consists of an analysis of the wider environment which helps us in identifying the trends in the market along with potential changes that can be expected in the market in near future. It analyses the political climate in order to identify policies and changes to governance implemented by the governments in the future which may act as barriers to the marketing communication activities or may create favourable effects on the marcomms. Ex: Changes to legislations especially on policies on usage of internet which will affect the browsing experience.
The analysis of economic environment is helpful in analysing the risk to business especially due to marcomms being a high investment and can signal the company whether undertaking significant marcom activities is beneficial taking into consideration the situation of the economy. Ex: Increasing of taxes on services results in high advertising expenditure.
The social environmental analysis is the most important element here as it gives an idea of the current trends in consumer

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