Marketing Concept Of Marketing And Marketing

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Marketing is an act of promoting and selling products or a service, this also includes marketing research and advertising. The marketing concept is the philosophy used by companies to analyse the needs of their customers so they can be better than the competition. As well as this they must also take into consideration the companies capabilities and the environment it is working in, as they can face the pressures of environmental changes. By using the marketing concept companies identify incoming changes and prepare itself to exploit them. The marketing concept is about matching a company’s capabilities with what the consumer wants. After World War 2 customers had more money and could afford to be more selective when
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The focus for any business was to reduce costs through mass production to maximise profits. Mass production can lead to the design and quality to suffer and customers losing interest.

The sales orientation

After the Second World War competition between companies grew and the focus of marketing turned to selling. They used communication, advertising and branding to compete with other companies. Companies focussed on distribution, communication and persuading customers that one manufacturer were better than other. The problem with this type of orientation is that the organisations made a product which they think the customer needs or likes without the proper research.
The marketing orientation

From the 1960’s onwards there was strong competition for customers. Marketing departments were relied on to create an intelligent plan to inform an organisation about what they should produce, how much to charge for a product, where it should be sold, how they should communicated it to consumers, they do this through research and listening to customers. They attempted to understand consumer needs or potential needs. Modern marketers are particularly interested in brands as brands attract customers that stay loyal to the brand. As markets are continuously changing, market research and product development is an ongoing process for a market orientation company.


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