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Per Una believe they “deliver high quality style for the modern woman.” This objective drives the company resulting in a turnover of more than £423.5 million in 2006/2007.
Per Una was detrimental to the revival of Marks and Spencer and it accounted for one quarter of their total women’s wear sales last year.
Born from George Davis in 2001, the label tries to replicate the Italian catwalk trends through “safe fashion” that is “trendy and stylish.” With this in mind is Per Una achieving and retaining their initial vision in this competitive fashion market?

The information has been gathered from various sources and in different manners and media, in order to gain a wide variety of viewpoints and objectives to provide
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Middle-class, loyal 2. Convenient opportunist 3. Product intentional 4. Comparison customers

1. This segment will have been shopping in M&S for years, just as their parents will have, thus subsequently trust and have become devoted to the Per Una label because of its’ associations. It is an integrated part of their shopping habit. 2. This segment can be identified by the unpredictable patterns of their purchasing in the Per Una stores. They perhaps shop there because they are passing through after visiting the food hall of M&S. 3. Product intentional consumers are shoppers who have a preconception of what they intent to purchase and their purchasing decision is difficult to be altered once a product is in mind. 4. Comparison customers are characterized by their tendency to shop around and analyze the competitors. These people are hard to please and are always looking for the most competitive prices.

Marks & Spencer target these segments by very carefully selected advertising.

4 P’s of the organization

Does Per Una have a distinctive style over its competitors? Is it really maintaining the level of “catwalk” style they say they achieve?

Trend Analysis
A trend analysis has been undertaken comparing stock lines from the Per Una collection against the key trend featured in Vogue.
Fashion Vogue trends autumn/winter 2007 (1)-(6) ← Black on Black Per Una: Per Una effectively follows this trend
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