Marketing Concepts Of The Salvation Army Organisation Essay

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Marketing is a process of attracting new and potential customers while keeping and improving current customer relationships (Kotler & Armstrong, 2014, p.26). Good marketing strategies are the needs of any organisations including non-profit organisations. Applying strong and wise strategies is a way to attract more customers as well as achieve organisational goals and sales. Some of the biggest non-profit organisations today are Salvation Army, Red Cross, Hospice, and so on, who provide charitable programs and family stores around the world in order to sell second-hand products to people and improve the social living conditions. This academic essay will particularly look at the Salvation Army Organisation. With the aims of preventing poverty, social and spiritual distress, Salvation Army has an operation of 126 subsidiaries coordinated by the Headquarters in London (The Salvation Army, n.d.). In this essay, the five different promotion techniques employed by the mentioned family store will be examined in accordance with the marketing concepts. Each technique will be discussed in terms of the viability and feasibility that help the store promote its products, attract more customers, and especially meet its objectives and improve sales. Finally, some suggestions to improve the sales, attract customers and donors will be given.
Before examining the each promotion technique, a brief definition of marketing strategy and each type of marketing concepts will be given. Firstly,

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