Marketing Concepts Unit 2 Complete

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Research and update the case information as much as possible with current research, and then conduct a comprehensive SWOT analysis for USA Today. Having to deal with dwindling subscription numbers USA Today did two more recent revamps of its newspaper and website. In 2011 the company did a few changes to its layout of the paper including changing the font of some headlines and changing the white space. In May of 2012 the company hired a new president and publisher, Larry Kramer, founder of MarketWatch. In 2012 they did a major change of its website and newspaper. It has changed its logo for the first time since its been printed. The globe logo is now replaced with a large circle that coordinates to the color of the topic discussed, for…show more content…
In his article “As USA Today turns 30, Columnists write its Obituary” Paul Gillin states “USA Today continues to resist the paywall trend, and its free website may be one of its few distinguishing features. However, the price of advertising is in long-term decline, and it’s hard to believe that free will be a virtue in a crowded market”. Since newspapers get a lot of their income from advertising if companies do not want to buy advertising the newspaper may suffer. Gillin, P. (2012, September 26). As usa today turns 30. columnists write its obituary. Newspaper Death Watch. Retrieved from Based on USA Today's experiences with print and online news, evaluate the long-term potential of printed news and the newspaper publishing industry. Do you believe printed newspapers will continue to survive despite digital competition? Justify your position. Since technology advances and the almost immediate access to news that printed newspapers need to balance their information in order to be successful. Having an online news page where readers can get access to information and a printed newspaper to get additional information regarding that news would be the only way for some newspapers to survive. There are some in older generations that do like the printed word and may not be as technologically savvy as the younger generations but even with TV news any news that happens one day is
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