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[h1] Tailoring Marketing Content to Your Audience

Meta description: Companies can increase the personalization of their marketing efforts through personas, advanced analytics, customer segmentation, and channel attribution.

The online stylist service Stitch Fix is a dramatic example of how to personalize customer service. Members fill out a survey and receive boxes of clothes and accessories that are curated to meet their individual tastes. This level of personalization is what consumers expect from your company’s marketing efforts. However, most potential customers aren’t willing to give you the amount of personal information required to pull off this kind of magic.
In a survey conducted by Forbes and PricewaterhouseCoopers, an
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The data customers leave behind can then be mined for insights to discover what they want from your brand.
Predictive analytics and machine learning are 2 ways of gaining value from customer data. Predictive analytics uses customer histories to forecast future behaviors so you can be proactive about meeting your audience’s needs. According to the beforementioned Forrester study, 42% of companies use predictive analytics to better understand customers through data.
Machine learning is a great way to understand behavioral and attitudinal data. Social media is a gauge of customer sentiment, but the posts include unstructured data that is difficult to make sense of. Unlike predictive analytics, machine learning can understand the associations between conversation threads and develop hypotheses based on them. Machine learning has tons of untapped potential. According to a Digiday Research survey, 72% of marketers fail to use machine learning to personalize customer experiences.

[h2] 3) Using Segmentation and Attribution
Analytics can be used to better understand, reach, and speak to a targeted audience through segmentation and attribution.
Because understanding and meeting the individual needs of your target audience can be a difficult endeavor, it is recommended, instead, to get to know smaller groups of customers. Segmentation is the process of grouping customers together according to similar demographics and psychographic
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