Essay on Marketing Corona in Japan

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Case Analysis Questions MKT 523
Marketing Corona in Japan
Marian Stefan
Tiffin University

Case Analysis Questions MKT 523
Marketing Corona in Japan

1. How aligned are Modelo’s, EBI’s and NS’s short and long-term interests ?

In recent times, the market changes affected the short and long-term interest of Modelo, Export Brands International and Nippon Spirits. It was clear that the big picture was extremely difficult to see from the same united perspective as in the past, thus making the Japanese Corona business quite uncertain.

Corona had a success of almost one decade in the Japanese market also due to the clear and structured partnership between Modelo, Export Brands International and
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Let’s say that the situation will continue like it is now, none of the 2 mentioned dangers happening, other thing can become a real “pain” for Export Brands International: I am referring here at the fact that consumers are increasingly shifting away from mass-produced beers towards high quality, classier, and locally produced craft micro brews. Or the fact that Japanese consumers will be tempted to buy affordable domestic brands due to the economic downturn. As because Corona is the top seller in the Export Brands International portfolio, their revenues and profitability will be seriously affected.
Not to say the fact that right now, Corona is not the only Mexican beer present in the Japanese market, now being under direct attack by a series of other Mexican beer that have high marketing budgets. To maintain the position, Export Brands International is forced to pump heavily in the investment marketing budget , much more than the others as Corona must change and reinvent itself. Export Brands International must come with something new trying once again to differentiate as in the beginnings, now being a lot harder.
The situation can even explode for Export Brands International, as large beers conglomerates with tremendous power, are targeting the same segment and are creating similar beers. We have the real example of Anheuser-Busch new Bud Light Lime which was selling extremely well in the United States attacking Corona position and following the traces of the
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