Marketing: Customer Relationship Management

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Some Scholars like John Pestrof regard R M as “old wine in a new bottle” while others regard it as a new approach representing a paradigm shift Discuss (30)

Relationship Marketing can be defined as a strategy that is used by business organisation to learn more about customer’s mood and behaviours so as to develop stronger relationship with them. Peter Druker stated that the purpose of the business is to create customers and keep them. To do that a company must do those things that make people or customers want to make business with it. Thus relationship marketing is not a short term tactic but a strategy that should be
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Usually this principle is still practices by small local organizations who are still meeting their customers face to face

The “new bottle” is the new technology that now permits many companies to perform a lot of activities so as to create customer relations. Modern Relationship marketing bases its foundation mainly on the modern technology that is opening great opportunities in the business environment. Now many organizations use modern technology to gather detailed information about their customers, track customers as well as use various types of telecommunication services to create relations with their customers. marketers have thus find it out that for a successful Relationship marketing it is a managerial aspect to focus on the primary goal that new technology is to be used to better serve ones client. By focusing projects upon this principle of old wine, managers thereby have a frame work in place through which they may guide and evaluate the progress of their technology implementation.

Relationship marketing as a new concept

Some scholars believe that the role of marketing has changed from being an old wine in a new bottle to a new concept on its own. There are a number of reasons that are said to have brought this change and these are as follows:

• Globalisation.
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