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Delta Faucets – Final Project One of the most luxurious and exquisite brands in the world of faucets and bathroom fittings is Delta Faucets. The branding of Delta has been a very remarkable process – it targets the highest niche of the market with its products that have the highest finish and technological innovation. It is compelling to think how technology could be introduced in bathroom fittings and faucets. Delta faucets are embedded with technologically innovative ideas and thus are distinctive in nature from all of its competitor products.

Marketing Mix Analysis Overview Established in 1954 as a home improvement and building products, Delta Faucet Company is a subsidiary of Masco Corporation. This company is one of the
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The product comes in lavish packaging however, since Delta Faucet hones the “green” paradigm, the packaging is biodegradable but manages to provide the buyer an exquisite image well.
Bathroom fittings and kitchen fittings that cost as much as tyre cars are the norm for Delta Faucet products. It should be remembered that Delta does not target a large population – rather it skims the top most segment of the market. It would rather be that Delta Faucets are used for corporate bathrooms than for private home fittings (Etzel, Walker, Walker & Stanton, 2003). Delta Faucet prices well above its nearest competitors enabling it to reach the premiums of high pricing.
Delta Faucet is not short of outlets for placing its faucets. It operates in more than 53 countries using an efficient supply chain network with reduced lead-time. The company has an extensive network of distributors and retailers that sell Delta Faucets products throughout North America and Europe. The use of information systems in its supply chain network has been one of the strongest plus factors for Delta Faucet enabling it to strengthen its placement strategies (Pelyco, 2003).

Promotional Mix
Delta Faucet manages to market its products using a variety of strategies: in spite of being a luxury product, Delta Faucet has been able to stir its demand over
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