Marketing Design And Innovation : Ipod Marketing Strategy

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TASK 02 2
Reflective Essay: Learning and assessment of the module 2
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Title: Marketing Design and Innovation: iPod Marketing Strategy
TASK 02 (Re-sit Submission for Partial Fulfillment)
Reflective Essay: Learning and assessment of the module

An organizations general design and it power of innovation determines the competitive advantage in the local as well as international level (Johansson and Holm, 2006). If a firm can respond immediately to the change then it can get expected benefits. Before adopting any change in the system, it is essential to know its appropriateness in the organizational context. The nature of
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It is also true that all bodies of the business entity strive to facilitate consumers directly or indirectly. So, while developing and designing system, it is essential to know the needs and expectations of the consumer. Research department must know the pulse from the consumer about satisfaction, dissatisfaction and expectation from the company. It is also essential to know about actual service enjoyed by the customer of the rivals. Depending on that management will identify the required changes in the system. Another important aspect is time consideration. Any change should target long term rather than short term consideration.

The design and innovation are not the same of product and services providing organization. This is a good lesson for this module and it is will shown from theoretical and applied aspects form different organizations. Some features of business innovations are discussed with their relative importance. Flexibility, cost effectiveness, moving from product to business, innovation in risk management, innovation in different economies, different customers, techniques of using data in the innovation process are important dimensions. One cannot get immediate benefit from innovation. So, it one sorts of investment and will facilitate business process in the later period.
Both idea creating and its management are important. An idea creates values and if it duplicated then firm may lose competitive advantages. This module has incorporated
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