Marketing Design And Innovation : Questions Essay

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Marketing Design and Innovation

Introduction and Context of the report 4
Task One 5
1 The benefits and value derived by the clients or customers or recipients 5
1.1 SMART analysis 5
1.2 SWOT analysis 7
1.3 Ansoff growth matrix: 8
1.4 Cost- benefits analysis: 9
1.5 Benefits in general: 9
2 Highlight the challenges of the ideas: 10
2.1 Porter’s five factor analysis: 10
2.2 SWOT analysis: 12
2.3 Challenges regarding marketing strategies: 12
2.4 Challenges regarding marketing mix: 13
2.5 Challenges in general: 14
Conclusion: 14
References: 16

Introduction and Context of the report
Pen-drive, now-a-days, is very important and significant device to carry data and other types of media. With the demand of the customers and the inconvenience of carry data or only a small file through floppy drive the idea of pen-drive has come to the developers mind. So, it is the contemporary product that replaces the usage floppy drive and caters the demand of present customers. The only problem is its connectivity system with other devices. If the pen-drive can be connected with the present USB system as well as it can be added with Bluetooth connectivity system to establish connection also with smart phone, tablets, smart TV, Laptop and other devices with the use of Bluetooth. It will be easy and convenient for the use of Pen-drive if the Bluetooth facilities will be ensured. So, in this assignment the details analysis of the benefits and values derived by the
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