Marketing Effectiveness Case Study

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Plan measurement of marketing effectiveness Assessment Task 2: Case study Part A: Identify and analyse measurement of marketing effectiveness: 1. Summarise the above case study to determine the organisational business requirements and campaign’s benefits. Organisational business requirements: - The organisation 's vision, goals, objectives and priorities: The organisation vision must be clear and easy to understand to all personnel so that it is easy to understand to every one working in the organisation, in order to keep them focused. The objectives of the firm helps the investor to determine the intrinsic value of the firm. - Business and performance plans: Proper planning must be made about the things which are needed to be…show more content…
There are many useful ways and techniques which can be used to market the business in the internet. There are various marketing agencies which provide these services at the minimal cost. - Market research: Market research plays an important role in the advertising because it helps the business to know what the most cost effective sources of advertisement and help the business to determine its target audience. These factors helps the business to save money and use it in other profit making channels - Product development, including pre- and post-launch: The development of the product should be taken proper care of as it affects the business being the main source of the business. Bakery must use all food grade colours and must also comply with the food standards of Australia otherwise it may face legal charges. Metrics that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaign performance:  Brand value: Brand value is basically the goodwill which a business earns over the time period it cannot be bought, it can only be earned. Brand values help the general public to determine about the companies, regarding their market shares and the value of the company. Having great brand value can help the business to earn more profit the other businesses.  Competition: Competitions if taken positively

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