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Curso: Análisis Cuantitativo y Toma de decisiones: Fecha: 09 Marzo 2013 Integrantes: - Mónica Calderón - Mónica Chávez - Mónica Escobar - Julio Jaramillo - Sandra Saco Vertiz Case 3: Positioning the Infiniti G20 EXERCISES 1. Using the data in Exhibit 1 and the associated perceptual mapping software, describe the two (or, if applicable, three) dimensions underlying the perceptual maps that you generated. Based on these maps, how do people in this market perceive the Infiniti G20 compared with its competitors? El G20 es visto como un automóvil atractivo y exitoso. Muy bien posicionado junto a otras marcas de la gama como BMW y Honda 2. Infiniti promoted the G20 as a Japanese car (basic version $17,500) with a German feel,…show more content…
2. Utility assessment: Using the sheet that you created in Question 1, rate each of the bundles, giving your most preferred bundle "100" and your least preferred bundle "0," as described in Step 3 in the Tutorial. When you are done, follow Step 4 in the Tutorial and perform a utility assessment for yourself (ME>XL==>Conjoint==>Create Study Design Template>>Estimate Preference Part Worths). Interpret your own preferences on the resulting Part Worths Sheet. Como resultado del ejercicio Podemos interpretar que Mónica prefiere la habitación con un escritorio y prioriza el teléfono al internet. Desea entretenimiento exterior para practicar actividades deportivas. Le encanta la limpieza personal y desea sus zapatos bien lustrados. También prefiera acercarse al restaurant al delivery. 3. Open the “Forte Hotel Data (Conjoint, 2 Partworths)” data set in My Marketing Engineering and review the Partworths developed from the respondents in this case. Based on your experiences in completing these tasks, summarize the advantages and limitations of conjoint analysis for obtaining preference data from customers. Respondents ' Preference Partworths Respondents ' preference partworths. The most preferred profiles sum up to 100, the least preferred to 0. Respondents / Small Suite Large Room Room Office Internet access Speaker phone Attributes and
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