Marketing Environment And Strategy Of Haigh 's Chocolate

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Executive summary This report is about analyze the marketing environment and strategy of Haigh’s chocolate. Doing this report, it gives a closer and practical view at the strategic sector of existing business organization and that is “Haigh’s Chocolate”. This report improves the knowledge regarding the strategies of a chocolate business on products, place, promotions, pricing, sustainability practices, competitors, services, and to build up a case for analyzing the problems through SWOT and to find out the problems regarding the company and to give strategic suggestions or recommendation for the Haigh’s Chocolate company. The following information has been obtained from the website of Haigh’s Chocolate which has been stated as per its claims and information. Introduction Haigh’s Chocolates is an Australian confectionery industry organization offering excellent chocolate and related items to consumers in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. The organization is situated in Adelaide, South Australia, it is a private company which was established in 1915 by Alfred E. Haigh. Alfred Haigh opened the first Haigh’s chocolates store at 34 king William street, Adelaide. He started mixing his specific flavor and producing chocolate – covered fruit centers. Which they still make today (Haigh’s Chocolate, 2015). The organization is a specialist retailer of premium quality chocolate. Haigh’s Chocolate has six stores in Adelaide six in Melbourne and two in the Sydney (Haigh’s Chocolate,
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