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Table of Contents I. Executive Summary 0 1. Introduction: 1 1.1 Definition of the term ‘’Marketing’’ 2 1.2 Background of Velassaru Maldives: 2 1.3 Objectives 4 2.4.1 Resource Audit 4 2.4.2 Roles & Responsibilities of Marketing of Velassaru 6 2.5 Marketing Function and Organization Performance 7 3. Interrelationship between Marketing Function and Other Departments: 8 3.1 Marketing and Human Resources 8 3.2 Marketing and Finance 9 3.3 Marketing and Sales 9 3.4 Critical analysis of interrelationships 10 4. Marketing environment of Velassaru 11 4.1 External environment 12 4.1.2 Macro-environment 12 4.1.1 Micro-environment 12 4.2 Internal environment 13 5. Conclusion 13 6. References 14 I. Executive Summary Marketing has become an important…show more content…
It has been able to gather its resources through all those years, developing new hotels innovating its existing hotels as well as renting out some of its property to world renowned brands such as W hotels (W Retreat and Spa) and Per Aquum hotels (Niyama and Huvafenfushi). 2.4.2 Roles & Responsibilities of Marketing of Velassaru The teachings of (Spotts, 2014), (Fill & Hughes, 2008) and (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010) states that there are several roles and responsibilities of a marketing department in a hospitality establishment. This segment will focus on how the marketing department strives to achieve the following functions. i. Web development & Social Media platform management The website of Velassaru (Figure 4) is being constantly updated with new package and products available for guests perusal by the Marketing and Communications manager at Velassaru, with assistance from centralized Information & Technology team with professional web developers. News letters to repeat customers as well as worldwide travel Medias are sent routinely. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter are being updated by the Marketing team, keeping in touch with existing client base as well as potential customers, leading in wider reach of Market all over the world, improving the incumbent strong brand of…show more content…
The authors argue that the team as a whole, needs to be trained well in order to comply with any of the guest’s requests which may arise during any time of the day. Since, staff are considered to be internal customers, Velassaru marketing team provides guidance in developing certain set of skills for staff to communicate effectively with the guests as well as the team with in. Marketing team directly assists Human Resources in planning training programs, providing pathways for self-development leading in retaining loyal staff of the company. In year 2016, marketing team guided Human Resources team in bringing in international hotelier training program named “Lobster Ink: Hospitality Training Courses” providing internationally accepted certificate in the hotel industry for an

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