Marketing Environment and Marketing Analysis

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CASE STUDY SUMMARY – Pg 69 ‘YOUNGCARE AND THE DONATION LANDSCAPE’ In the case study ‘Youngcare and the donation landscape’ it is evident that the not-for-profit organization needed to raise funds to provide facilities to Young adults with high needs. In order to do this the organization had to study its environment ie its competitors, raising awareness amongst people and setting its targets. Youngcare competes with other renowned not for profit organizations such as the Red Cross and the McGrath Foundation; its direct competitors. The not for profit organization needed to analyze consumer behavior with regard to donations. We have all encountered situations where we make a donation atleast once in our lives. However the number…show more content…
Opportunity : Grants that a charity is eligible for is an opportunity. Grants may be from a government, private agency or group. Grants are even offered during a recession. Non profits are able to enjoy the benefits of alliances with commercial businesses or other NGO’s because a portion of the purchase price charged by a commercial business is donated to charity. Threats : Nonprofits are very vulnerable to an economic crisis. Unfortunately charitable giving is one of the first cash outflows that consumers cut back on when money is tight. Typically I as a marketing manager would seek to minimize the NGO’s weaknesses and maximize its strengths. In order to do this we must conduct strategic planning on a regular basis as strategic plan outline what action steps the organization will take in the future to sustain and grow their operation whilst adhering to their mission in this case study focusing on providing apartments and holiday/ respite housing that can accommodate the needs of the young adults with serious injuries and high care needs. Increased awareness programs and researches carried out on donating behavior are factors that will contribute to increased revenue thereby enabling the organization to proceed with its
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