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Introduction 3
Marketing Planning and Auditing 4
SWOT Analysis 5
Macro Environment 6
Micro environment 7
Marketing Research and Marketing Intelligence 8
Segmentation 9
Marketing Positioning 10
Buyer Behavior 11
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The Airline companies now a day are mainly depending on marketing to attract new customers and to maintain sustainable relationships with them by promotions, Rewards and Loyalty programs.
Qantas is one of those biggest and oldest airlines in the world who managed to keep making profit out of their businesses
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Threat: * Competition from low cost airline is affecting the Qantas group long term revenue as new Airlines are being established and their target also is International and Domestic destinations in Asia so customers are changing their loyalty based on prices.

Figure1. Qantas SWOT analysis of 2011:

Strength | Weakness | Robust route NetworkStrong Fleet OperationTwo brand strategy | Price Fixing allegations dampens brand Image | Opportunities | Threats | Growing Global tourism industryGrowing Air freight industryProposed acquisition of network aviation | Competition from low cost airlinesGovernment regulationsPrice volatility in petroleum marketIncreasing security and safety concerns |

Macro Environment: Qantas group is being affected by the Macro environment and below are some important factors has a big influence: * Different Region Growing is one of the factors that effecting Qantas as the organization now has to think how to keep their current performance and value with the increase of the customer demands but on other hand hey have to increase the shareholders values and maintain a good profit so Qantas Group strategy is being changed and modified based this important Factor.

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