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Master of International Business International Marketing Individual Assignment 2012


GoPro - HD wearable camcorder

Margarida Martinho Strand Cohort

Introduction When GoPro, which introduced the first wearable sports cameras, launched its first product, there was nothing like this camera. This product has become a success since it was introduced in the market. What makes it so different from the others that satisfy the same needs? Further analysis about the product is needed to understand the means of differentiation that have the most impact on decision-making. Constructing a sustainable competitive advantage through differentiation strategy is one method,
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Positioning has come to mean the process by which marketers try to create an image or concept in the minds of their chosen segments. The slogan is part of the positioning - “Be a hero” and “Wear it. Mount it. Love it” – the better ones are those that stick to the minds of customers. GoPro followed an excellent strategy, and everything they do they do well. A good STP analysis is a crucial step when launching a brand. A bad STP may be enough to ruin a brand.

Margarida Martinho

Individual Marketing assignment 29-­‐11-­‐2012

Marketing Mix Product, Place, Price and Promotion This small waterproof and shockproof camera has a wider-angle lens and the capacity to take high quality photos. A very small camera, it fits into a hard plastic shell, protecting it from shock and elements. The camera case can be used with mounting accessories from GoPro or external competitors. The durability and versatility of the camera are features that distinguish this camera from others. The last edition has a system – 3D Hero System – that puts two cameras into one shell, allowing the user to take 3D videos. It is also an affordable camera for every pocket, the pricing strategy allows everyone to “be a hero”. Because this is a small lightweight camera and
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