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Marketing is one of the fields in business management. The field involves business organizations and their customers as the key players. Marketing involves an organization or a company identifying and anticipating their customer’s needs and satisfying them in a profitable way. Marketing is a broad field and it encompasses marketing concept and marketing practices. Marketing concept is a marketing philosophy that advocates for selling products or services that are benefit oriented instead of product oriented. Benefit oriented products and services seek to satisfy the needs of customers while product oriented
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Customer orientation is one of the keys to successful marketing. Marketing concept has the positivity of facilitating customer orientation. Customer orientation oversees that the needs, wants and desires of the customers receive top consideration in all business activities (Kumar& Sharma1998). A business organization must have the needs of the customers at heart in conducting its activities. A good illustration can be when a company is making its decisions in various activities such as product development, advertisement and sales promotion. The company has to consider the needs of their customers and the impacts that the activities shall have on their customers. Company will have to answer some questions such as; what are the needs of our customers? How can we best meet their wants? Are the customers going to be satisfied with our services? These questions shall help the company streamline its activities and decisions towards satisfying the needs of its customers.
The marketing concept also promotes product planning and development. Product development refers to the continuous improvement of a product to meet the changing needs of the customers. Customer needs is the prime focus of the concept and therefore, a company strives to meet these needs. The needs change with time hence the company can meet them by either developing their products or producing other new ones. Designing and producing new products is expensive and risky as the new
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