Marketing Esssay- ASOS

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Asos Marketing report
By Kirsty McAllister

2.0 Micro & Macro Environment
3.0 Market research
4.0 Market Segmentation
5.0 Marketing Mix
5.1 Product
5.2 Place
5.3 Price
5.4 Promotional Mix
5.5 Importance of Organisation
6.0 Changes in Market conditions and its effects
7.0 Conclusion

Marketing is all about identifying customers’ needs and wants. It also about putting the customer wants and needs at the centre of every department of the company. Asos is a company who has progressed throughout the years due to its marketing techniques.Asos is a global online fashion and beauty retailer which sells over 65000 branded and own label products through its website. The company ships for free
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4.0 Market Segmentation
Market segmentation is specific sections of the market that an organisation is aiming at. In order for an organisation to engage its market segmentation the organisation has to match its products to the customers wants and needs to appeal to the customer to buy the good or service. Market segmentation allows an organisation to have a competitive edge and it is a key factor for the organisation profitability and survival. Company use target marketing which is when a business aims all of its marketing effort to a certain group of customers which is affective as these are the group that spends the most. There are many ways to segment the market to create that certain group such as demographics, psychographic, geographically and lifestyle. Demographics is consists of dividing the market into groups based on variables such as age, income, occupation, religion, race and nationality. Psychographic segmentation is based on social class and lifestyle. Lifestyle is based on knowledge, attitude, their uses and segmentation. Geographic segmentation is the segmentation which divides the market but location, regions, countries and cities. Asos as an organisation is aimed at people of the ages of 15-34 year olds who are very fashion forward and who enjoy the culture of online shopping. In geographical segments Asos has created their website differently for 9
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