Marketing Ethics Assignment : Calvin Klein

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Marketing Ethics Assignment

My first article that I ran into for my research on a business with ethical issues is the famous clothing line Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein is well known to have a fashion line of high quality clothes for men and women. The reason why I think his practice is unethical is because they are using sexually act and messages in ads to promote their brand of clothes. According to Armstrong, Kotler, “marketing system uses cultural pollution in commercials to interrupt people 's minds with messages of materialism, sex, power, or status.”(2017, Pg. 498) Calvin Klein has tried to sell their clothing line by input sexual explicit text message through ads and media to draw in buyers. In the American Marketing Association
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Promote more causal dressing with a great line of clothes that can be worn by customer of all types. Just like David Hagenbuch stated in his article, “Positive experiences will be remember then negative,” (The Conversation, 2015)

My second article that I 'm doing for marketing with ethical issues is “Cancer Patients Vulnerable to Unethical Marketing.” Cancer is a disease that everyone is trying to prevent and more aware of now a days. People are willing to pay high dollar amount for medication either to stay away and prevent cancer. Seth Augenstein stated in his article that “business is pulling in $88 billion annually, for cancer care in the U.S.”(2015) Now with that type of money being made, in my opinion, there will be some ethical issues problem occurring within the business. I believe that the FDA plays a big part of this issue but is not really look into the marketing side of cancer-related products sold to patients by medical centers and pharmaceutical. FDA is regulating cancer-related products but is not involved with the advertising side of the marketing. Cancer patients who are seeking cures are the most vulnerable to misleading and misinterpreted testimony from medical centers. This is a great example of deceptive practices stated that “deceptive packaging includes contents through subtle design, using misleading labeling, or describing size in misleading terms.”
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