Marketing Ethics

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Faculty of Business The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Assignment On Marketing Ethics Course code: MM2711 Course Title: Introduction to Marketing Tutorial Group: TUT004 Year: 1 Semester: II (2011-12) Date: 22/2/2012 Submitted By: Submitted To: Name: Chu Wing Sze Name: Dr. Simone Cheng Student ID No: 11222966D Tutor FB Faculty, HKPU Nestlé - Unethical Product Development Nestlé, the world's largest food and nutrition company, has been providing customers with a wide variety of food and beverage categories. Nescafé, Milo, Perrier, and Häagen-Dazs are all popular brands listed in its numerous production categories. However, behind the…show more content…
The sale of coffee creamer with this logo places the health of infants and children at risk in a developing nation that already has extreme levels of malnutrition. The Bear Brand logo is responsible for the deaths and developmental delay of many Lao children mistakenly fed inappropriate products as breast-milk substitute. Even though Nestlé puts the statement “not to be used as a breast milk substitute” on Bear Brand coffee creamer in three languages, English, Lao and Thai, since Loas is a multilingual country with more than 45 languages spoken, parents who cannot read those three languages may misperceive and misuse Bear Brand coffee creamer as infant food by the logo of the product. After analysis of Nestlé’s unethical product development, Nestlé is recommended to implement the following measures: * Instantly prevent the use of misleading logo in any context related to breast‐milk substitute * Design new pictogram to alert illiterate consumers that the product is not breast- milk substitute to avoid further confusion * Make public apologize to show sincerity * Educate the public that sweetened condensed milk cannot be used for feeding infant In conclusion, Nestlé misleading logo, which materially changes the product or impact on the buyer’s purchase decision proved
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