Marketing Expansion Of The Matrix

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Directions or Area for Business Expansion on Diagram: Since the option to 3D print provides a high-level of customization, the hassle of sending the case away then waiting for it to come back move this kiosk’s level of customization to the middle of the matrix. By purchasing another 3D printer to place at this kiosk, the level of customization would increase to the highest level for this phone case business. Also, since this kiosk provides a high level of customer service but the demand fluctuates so much each season (and top level management is only concerned with productivity in the form of sales), this would move I Play N Talk’s kiosk to the middle of the labor intensity axis in the matrix. Even though hawking is frowned upon by management, different forms of demonstrations of their products or a nonchalant version of hawking customers would move this kiosk towards a highly labor intense operation. With the addition of the 3D printer and innovative sales demos or techniques, this kiosk could shift to a professional service and increase sales tremendously.

Evaluation of Competitive Factors

Demand Uncertainty: In selling items such as smartphone cases and accessories, demand is highly uncertain. Demand may increase around times that new products are introduced, but may also drop off quite a bit during slow periods with no new devices being introduced. The way this kiosk hedges against demand uncertainty is by keeping all popular products in stock as well as stocking items
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