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ASSIGNMENT QUESTION Marketing Plan: Your company has just developed a new sports drink that is in a container which will keep it cool for up to 6 hours. Write a 3 page paper discussing how you would market the product. Running Head: COOL CONTAINERS MARKETING PLAN 1 Cool-Containers Marketing Plan COOL-CONTAINERS MARKETING PLAN 2 Abstract Cool-Containers, a successful company has recently developed a new and improved sports drink. This sports drink comes in a newly designed container that keeps it cold for a maximum of 6 hours. As a way to…show more content…
Innovation will be the solution to many problems including who has the issue, the number of organizations who have it, and what is the value to them. Differentiation Cool-Containers key strategy of marketing will be built on the differentiation of products. The implementation of the marketing strategy will indicate that when the company uses their competitive edge an emphasis can be made in contrast to the competitors that the sports drink products have an additional value; the drinks now are sold in containers that are reusable. These containers can keep all kinds of liquids to an ideal temperature up to a maximum of 6 hours no matter what season it is or the consumers surrounding environment. In addition, the company puts out a new flavor (strawberry) with the exact quality of the entire line of products that keeps the company among first place in the market. An advantage of differentiation strategy is the product will be very difficult for competitors to copy (Turock, 2004). This kind of advantage will give the company a window of opportunity to prepare new strategies for marketing and financials, as a means of response to the reaction of the competition. In the future this window of opportunity will give Cool-Containers a means to create a strategy of Cost Leadership in general. By the company using their own experience the opportunity is there to improve reduction in cost and offer prices that are lower than
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