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CASELET 1 EMBASSY BAR ALLOWED TO REOPEN Questions: 1. What relevant Social Issues were depicted in the Embassy case? 2. What impact will the new city ordinance have on Embassy’s business operations? 3. If you were the Marketing manager of Embassy, what measures are you going to institute so as to make Embassy remain as a popular “Hang-out” among teens? Answers: 1. The relevant social issues that were depicted in the Embassy case is about their limitation in serving liquors or alcoholic drinks which is patron by those customers were a certain condition are order for them to be allowed in resuming their operations. 2. The impact that the new city of ordinance will have on embassy business operations will be an…show more content…
2. As the owner of Mattel, what I will do to prevent the product recalls is that I will decide to stop selling those toys that has lead paint and tiny magnets that could be swallowed by children which can cause intestinal perforation or blockage which can be fatal if ingested by children. 3. SWOT ANALYSIS MODEL STRENGTHS | WEAKNESSES | * They provide and sell popular toys which are patronized by most children. | * The toys that they are selling contain lead paint and tiny magnets which could cause multiple deaths. | OPPORTUNITIES | THREATS | * Some may still buy toys but not as many as lost time is they must implement new product quality strategies. | * The toys company’s operation will be hard and at risk and they will gain less profit. | CASELET 3 MEDICAL TOURISM POTENTIAL FOR THE PHILIPPINES Questions: 1. How can medical tourism uplift the Philippine economy and the business industry as a whole? 2. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of medical tourism? 3. How can marketing research improve the prospects of medical tourism? 4. How would you promote medical tourism in the Philippines to foreign visitors? 5. What can you say about the Philippine Retirement Law being pushed by the government? Answers:
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