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Marketing Applications #1 Which environmental forces sociocultural, economic, political, legal, regulatory social ethical, competitive, or technical, might a marketer need to consider when marketing the following products in the international marketplace and why? • Barbie Dolls • Beer • Financial Services • Televisions International Marketing involves developing and performing marketing activities across national boundaries. Marketing is the process of creating, distributing, promoting, and pricing goods, services and ideas to facilitate satisfying exchange relationships with customers and to develop and maintain favorable relationships with stakeholders in a dynamic environment. Therefore, I believe all the forces sociocultural,…show more content…
Any obstacle that makes it difficult for a business to enter a product into an international market such as slow customs, Government regulations, natural barriers, bureaucratic inactivity in processing licenses means no productivity for a business. Socioethics; how a marketer deals with international issues has a considerable impact on the businesses success. A Marketers’ standards of conduct and moral values could make or break a business deal. The marketer should do business and behave ethically. Customer may be concerned about privacy, truth in pricing and advertizing be concerned how they market their products to children and young adults. Competitive: In order to be stay on top of international competition a marketer should totally understand why, how, where, and when to do business in specific international business markets. I believe it is important to know the company’s strategic mission, its strengths and its weaknesses too. A marketer should make the product stand out from the competitor’s products by creating competitive pricing and value. The product should also be difficult to duplicate or substitute and be able to meet differences in the country’s tastes and demands. Technology: A marketer
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