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International Journal of Educational Research and Technology Volume 3 Issue 2 June 2012: 86 - 96 ISSN 0976 - 4089 © Society of Education, India IJERT Original Article Marriott India: Managing Its Hospitality through Gearing Service Quality Shikha Singh, Dinesh Kumar, Nilosha Sharma Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Delhi Nurture Education Solutions Private Limited, MBA College, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad Email: ,, 3i1,2Lal ABSTRACT The Marriot group of Hotels launched back in 1983 are one of the largest brand and the world’s 12th largest lodging chain.1 The Marriott had around 8,000 hotels worldwide. The…show more content…
It is claimed to be a process that creates benefits by facilitating a change in customer, a change in their physical possession, or a change in their intangible assets. Intangible benefits are becoming more important as they are the source of competitive advantage for many service businesses. Both the technical and soft skills of service employees are instrumental in delivering such intangible benefits through increasingly customized and complex services. However, such strategies may not be sustainable as the demand for highly skilled service employees is threatening to outstrip the supply. A service business is the one where the perceived value of offering is determined more in terms of services rendered than the actual product offered. The growth and development of services industry in India has been immense and has largely dominated the traditional primary and secondary industries. The service industry now accounts for more than two third of the India’s economy (Finance Markets, June 2009). Amongst the services sector, the hotel industry is the fastest growing industry and was valued at £511.5 billion 6 in 2008-09. The industry has grown significantly over years both in terms of sales and number of rooms, however recently has been facing challenges both in terms of lower occupancies7 and ARRs 8(Average room rates) (Indian Hospitality Association, 2010). Most consumers, due to the recent
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