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Marketing by Tymkiv N.M. and Krytsak O.O.


1. GENERALITIES One of the areas of management is marketing. Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives. Marketing makes products available where customers want them by transferring the ownership of products to buyers. The entire business organization is involved in a dual process of satisfying customer needs and achieving organizational goals. Implementation of marketing concept begins and ends with marketing information about customers first to determine what customers need, and later to evaluate
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maintain підтримувати

Exercises I. Translate into Ukrainian: pricing; distribution; promotion; goods and services; customer; ownership of products; buyer; seller; ability; consumer market; industrial market; target market; marketing mix; price of the product; promotion of the product; distribution; ingredient; product ingredient; pricing ingredient; distribution ingredient; promotion ingredient; market segment; segmentation approach; profit; rebate; pricing strategy; storage; transportation; intermediary; advertising; publicity; marketing research; income; marketing information system; internal and external data; evaluate; create; satisfy; involve (in); achieve; determine; buy; sell; reach; boost; meet needs; select; maintain; estimate; forecast; predict; monitor; produce; develop.

II. Find the English equivalents: процес планування; просування і розповсюдження; товари і послуги; індивідуальні і організаційні цілі; наявний; споживач; подвійний процес; споживчий ринок; цільовий ринок; елементи маркетингу; продукція; складова частина (компонент); компонент продукту; складова
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