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eMarketing Mid-Term 1. After reading the article I have changed my thinking on how I would reach out to the baby boomer generation. I used to think it was wrong to use social media to market towards baby boomers and generation x and I was wrong. I am pretty amazed on how many people from this generation are using sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Myspace. I will definitely keep social networking at the top of my list as a way to market towards these generations. More specifically I will primarily use Facebook as the main source of marketing because more than 1/3 of baby boomers and half of Generation X has a Facebook page. Mavens are most likely to be Generation Jones and working full/part time and these individuals could…show more content…
4. The pros of Search Engine Optimization are giving you the opportunity for your website to listed high in the ranking on different search engines. SEO is relatively cheaper long term then PPC. People trust and are more likely to click on an organic link through a search engine find then a PPC. Cons of SEO are it can take a long time from months to even years to have your website be found in the top categories or keywords. Some keywords are very expensive and could cost a lot of money to go after those keywords. Also you may have to change site to make it more search engine friendly. Pros of Pay Per Click are you get instant not having to wait months or years like SEO. No need to modify site like you do sometimes with SEO. Very easy to monitor and track results to see how much return on investment you are getting. You can choose as many and little keywords as you want. You can have a seasonal ad or even on certain to reach out better towards your target market. Con’s of PPC is this can get very expensive and when you stop your ranking can drop. I don’t think using one by itself would give you the best results. I believe using both SEO and PPC will generate the best results. My 1-year approach would be as follows: First Quarter, 70% of the companies marketing costs will be spent on PPC to generate quick traffic and generate a profit quick. This will also help by
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