Marketing For Health Care Organizations

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To be honest, the first time I heard that I had to take a class on Marketing for Health Care Organizations I was quite confused, but also intrigued. When I thought of marketing, I thought of businesses, movies, clothing, perfume, electronics etc. I never connected marketing with health care until I read the first chapter of the book. In fact, I realized marketing is extremely important in the healthcare world, therefore, I should have known all about this because I work for a doctor. It never occurred to me that my employer’s job involves marketing. He not only has his own practice, but he is also employed at the hospital where he makes important connections with those doctors from whom he receives referrals. I learned, the more you put yourself out there, the more people would notice you. Besides the first chapter and the importance of marketing and health care, the second chapter also raised some questions and ideas. In my opinion, I believe our country does receive the best form of health care compared to other countries, but I do not necessarily agree on how the government oversees it. I do not believe that people should receive free health care, especially when others, including myself have to pay so much more in taxes. Some people abuse this free health care system, which I do not agree with or think is fair. The government should find a new way to fix out health care problem instead of increasing taxes and making the taxpayer’s life even more difficult. Another
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