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BUMKT 5901-Marketing



MIT Campus, Melbourne.

Group Assignment Case: A Fyne Piece of Marketing

Word Count: 2002

LECTURER: - John Alan Boyd-Gerny
TUTOR: - John Alan Boyd-Gerny

Student Name
Zahid Akhter UB 30080892
Muhammad Kazim UB 30080582
Shahid Bashir. UB 30089886
Gaurav Malhotra UB30069375
Raja Umer Shahzad Kiyani UB30081284
Mohamed Kamil UB30080144


This report typically focuses on the detailed analysis of problem with the Fyna Foods Ltd. Marketing process is the major point of focus because it is considered as main marketing problem. There could be several reasons for the problem
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And, if the sales do not increase with the increase of contract, it will bring the loss to the company.


In this case the main problem to be focused on marketing process. The Managing Director is just concerned with the sales of the product not about the customer’s needs and demands. Marketing mix means product, price, promotion and placement. Product and services involves quality of the product, its design, features, packaging etc now in this case to reduce the cost of the product Managing director is showing intention to change and reduce the quantity of different ingredients which will directly affect the quality and size of product. Then the promotion part of the marketing also involves some complications here the sales department is not satisfied with the funds they got for promotion of that much volume of the product. Cost of the product is more than its market price so that is also considerable point. Management is also not satisfied with Placement of the product because according to the managing director of the company their production is been always slow and expensive which will have direct effect on the distribution, logistic management. And the executive management doesn’t have trust on their production and promotion managers which can result in poor marketing because people interaction in marketing always play important role.

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