Marketing Goals And Objectives Of A New Zealand Appliance Market Essay

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Econ Innovation’s first product is an eco-friendly refrigerator resourced from recycled materials, with smart technology and app capabilities to inform owners of upcoming food wastage. The Smart Fridge aims to combine luxurious aesthetics with eco-conscious manufacturing practices to provide a solution to growing global concern surrounding food wastage which in currently overlooked by competitors in the New Zealand appliance market. Econ Innovation has identified the target market as female household shoppers in high income families who use environmentally friendly brands. This report will identify marketing goals and objectives to be achieved through a detailed marketing mix within a 12 month time frame. Expense calculations and evaluation and control methods have been considered to ensure the marketing plan is viable, measurable and overall successful. The report is limited due to Econ Innovation being the pioneer company for the eco-conscious appliance market. However, appropriate assumptions and justifications have been made throughout the report. MARKETING GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Marketing Goal: To be the perceived market leader in eco-conscious appliances in New Zealand. Two key marketing objectives have been identified for the 12 month period following the launch of Econ Innovation: 1. To obtain 5% market share in the New Zealand appliance goods market by October 2017 2. To have 30% of the identified target market buy the Econ Innovation Smart Fridge by October

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