Marketing Goals And Objectives Of The Company

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Executive Summary

Current Situation
A The Internal environment
Our mission is to provide salon inspired hair care products that have the quality of our higher end competitors at a lower price.
We are currently projected for a loss in for our current fiscal year ending 12/31/15. Our goal is to significantly turn the company’s profits around and to break even by the year ending 12/31/17. This would be done by having the goal of producing a profit each of the following years to offset our project loss. We sell our product through two channels. The first channel is selling to wholesalers who turn around and sell to retailers both marking the price up. The second is through our website where we sell directly to the customer. Selling to wholesalers is our main product distribution point.

1. Review of marketing goals and objectives
The mission of the company is to make sure that it provides the hair care products with all the quality so that the customers could get them within a reasonable price as compared to the competitors serving the market with the same products.
The company has been facing loss for the current fiscal year, but now its target is to make sure that the company gets all the profit for the services that it renders to its customers. Salon Selective is trying its best to enlarge its business to fetch more and more customers from all around the world so that everyone could benefit of it.
We want the health of our customers and we care about them with our
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