Marketing Goals, Strategy and Action Plan for Paintball Company

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Marketing GoalsThe primary goal of this marketing strategy is to guarantee that Paintball Company will be recognized in the industry as a business entity that gives excellent paintball services for its target market. Aside from this, Paintball Company has the mission to determine the most effective strategy to be utilized in order to transform the Paintball industry into becoming more recognized by the public consumers.

Paintball Company has four primary marketing goals:A)Manage its position as one of the primary businesses regarding Paintball. Being the leader of the Paintball industry will propel this Paintball Company to earn the respect and trust of its customers. Therefore, the organization will have the power to widen its functions
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Marketing plans have arrived to signify the new emphasis of marketing field in incorporating the interactive elements to connect to all of the company's clients and not just its basic consumers (Levinson, 1998). Aside from this marketing plans proceed with the objective of determining and improving the mutual connection of the organization to its clients by giving means to establish relationship with clients through advertisements.

The target market of the Paintball Company involves international clients and local clients as well. In this way, in order to guarantee that the target market will be able to know the presence of the Paintball Company, the marketing plan will be utilized in putting priority to each of the target market in both local and global scenes.

Quarterly Action Plan - SalesIn this plan, the Paintball Company will be implementing the marketing procedure in attaining interactions and promotion of the organization and the products that it gives. This plan will be implemented quarterly. In performing this, the following interactive media will be used:•TV, print, and communication mediaSome of the marketing channels that are normally utilized by various industries in order to make their goods and services well known are the TV, print, and communication media. In connection with the Paintball Company, it may utilize these media channels in order to be recognized by various clients anytime and in any place.

AdvertisingA very famous process

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