Marketing History Of Samsung

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2. History of Samsung Samsung, Name that people often heard, the business conglomerate that help the advancement of technology to the current day, their product can be found almost everywhere, home, street, offices, schools, it also can be found inside some peoples pocket. According to the recent report by Kristin Stoller (2017) Samsung has achieved 2nd in “The World's Largest Tech Companies 2017” surpassed by their technology rivals Apple. However, Samsung did not get their ‘Business conglomerate’ title from Information technology, in fact they started as trading company with a budget of 30.000 KRW up to now, they currently know with their huge role in the mobile phone race with their rival Apple. Their growth is proving of successful marketing strategy that leads them to become a business tycoon.

3. Marketing concept 3.1 What is Markets: according to University of Newcastle Lec1 (2017) Marketing is an activity, set of institution and processes for creating, communicating, delivering
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Samsung also offers a bunch of payment option that can be convenient for the customers, instead of paying by cash they can be given the option to do cashless transaction they also offer a monthly installment, this allow the customers to pay the phone by paying it monthly until the original cost of the phone has been fully pay. Relationship of the company and the customers does not stop there however, in fact it goes beyond the time transaction is made and outside the store, after sales services provided for the customers in-case they are dissatisfied by the product or maybe they want to ask a few question about the phone they even provide assistance for those who thinking to resell their old Samsung phone and trade it with new one with half
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