Marketing Implementation

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Marketing Implementation Part 1

Section 1

Bonoma: Making Your Marketing Strategy Work

Effective implementation is a matter of focusing on key areas of company structure and managers ' skills.

Purposes of the article are to explain and help in diagnosing and solving marketing implementation problems, to catalog common problems of translating marketing strategies into management acts, and to recommend tactics for increasing the effectiveness of marketing practices.

Problems in marketing practices have two components: structural and human.

Strategy or implementation?
Marketing strategy and implementation affect each other.
Poor implementation can disguise good strategy
Two points stand out to help managers diagnose
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Gap bridging: execution skills

Managers bring four execution skills to the marketing job: interacting, allocating, monitoring, and organizing.

Interacting. Influencing others inside and outside the corporation
Allocating: parcel out everyone 's time assignments etc.
Monitoring: using monitoring skills to reconstruct degraded corporate information and control systems.
Organizing: Good implementers have an almost uncanny ability to create afresh an informal organization, or network, to match each problem with which they are confronted.

Good practice in marketing

Important characteristics that differentiate good marketing practice emerge:

1. a strong sense of identity and of direction in marketing policies exists.
2. great customer concern
3. management is able and willing to substitue its own skills for shortcomings in the formal structure
4. in companies that handle execution best, top management has a distinctly different view of both the marketing structure and the managers than do bosses in other companies.

In the best companies management concentrates on one or a few marketing functions that it fosters and nurtures into a competitive distinction through expertise.

Rather, good marketing means using skill artfully to cope with the inevitable execution crises that blur the strategies for managing customers and middlemen.

Market orientation: Antecedents
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