Marketing Industry : An Essential Part Of Any Business Structure Essay

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The Marketing Industry Marketing is an essential part of any business structure. It’s how you get your product known by the consumer and without marketing you cannot make any sales and sales are the main goal of any business no matter what type, even if it’s a non profit charitable organization you still need people to buy into your cause so they can donate. Marketing in a simple way to put it is how, where, and why companies advertise their product. I will be focusing mainly on the Advertising Agencies within marketing so I can give more definitive numbers, but any private companies marketers does the same job just on a different level. The Advertising Agency Industry is a 42.7 Billion dollar industry that has had a 3.3 % growth in the past 5 years and is expected to grow another 2.4% by 2021. There are over 66,000 different businesses that preform Advertising. The increasing in profits of Advertising are partly in due to rising corporate profits and the rise in online social media and internet usage giving advertising another form to use. As consumer spending revitalizes businesses will reinvest into brand awareness so they can remain competitive. Corporate profits will allow companies to give larger portions of their money to advertising. In recent years the demand for video advertising has increased nearly 80% from 8.2 to 14.7 billion dollars per year. This is due in partly to the change in most companies advertising system from a CPM (cost per minute) to a CPC (cost
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