Marketing Industry in Egypt

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Marketing Industry in Egypt Overview: This report aims at giving a brief picture about the “Marketing” Industry in Egypt, the different practices used by the companies, and the changes that are happening in the industry throughout time; with a special focus on the IT marketing. First an overview of “marketing” in general will be given to introduce the basic concepts, various types of marketing tools and channels that are commonly used, and the different agencies working in the marketing fields starting form specific agencies such as marketing research agencies to a more comprehensive agencies which can conduct a marketing plan and its implementation from A to Z. The report will then focus on the trends in Egypt, who things are done,…show more content…
Which takes us to an important question, why is marketing important? In other words why do companies spend millions of their hard earned money on marketing? The answer is simple; marketing is the means of communication between the company and its customers or potential customers, it’s about informing the customers about the product or the company creating awareness and building loyalty which in return help to maximize the sales and contributes significantly to the survival of the company. Building a strong relationship with the customers and establishing a powerful brand can also allow the producing company to increase their price above average and still retain its customers as the people like to be linked to a brand name for example a lot of consumers would pay for “Nike” T-Shirt L.E200 while they can acquire a similar T-shirt for L.E.50 or less because they want to be linked to “Nike” name. Different Marketing Tools Type of Marketing  Above the line Meaning A term usually used in connection with “Advertising” which uses media for broadcasting and publishing information to mass audiences All forms of marketing other than advertising Promotional Marketing: Is a marketing strategy that companies use to motivate a consumer to make a decision and purchase their product Trade Show Marketing:
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