Marketing Industry in Egypt

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Marketing Industry in Egypt

This report aims at giving a brief picture about the “Marketing” Industry in Egypt, the different practices used by the companies, and the changes that are happening in the industry throughout time; with a special focus on the IT marketing. First an overview of “marketing” in general will be given to introduce the basic concepts, various types of marketing tools and channels that are commonly used, and the different agencies working in the marketing fields starting form specific agencies such as marketing research agencies to a more comprehensive agencies which can conduct a marketing plan and its implementation from A to Z. The report will then focus on the trends in Egypt, who things are done,
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There are several channels of distribution available for the firms to use, the typical channel involves the manufacturer, the wholesaler, the retailer and finally the consumer

In the case of services three other elements are added (making them 7ps)    process: the operations involved in delivering the service People: the frontline and back office staff involved in service delivery and management physical evidence: materials, décor, and settings used by organizations to make the service experience more concrete

The Marketing concepts have evolved a lot since the early ages with different orientations in different stages worldwide. The major focus of the Companies in earlier times were on the production technique thus being able to achieve economies of scale, but it had to be coupled with high demand for the product or service in addition to some certainty that the taste of the customers won’t change rapidly, this was called the “Production orientation”. The production orientation went on until the 50’s, until the suppliers figured out that if their product is of high quality then the consumers would buy and consume it, this was called “product orientation”. During those times “Sales Orientation” also occurred in which the focus of the companies was on maximizing the sales of an already existing product through promotion techniques without taking into consideration the needs
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