Marketing : Internet Marketing And Advantages Enjoyed By Internet Marketers

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Every business, organization or market a mode of communicating the value of its business or product to the consumers. In this case, the communication of these values is referred to as marketing (Kotabe and Helsen). The purpose of marketing is to ensure that they promote or sell products, services of their brand. Marketing can be of different forms considering, what is more, useful for the businesses. For successful marketing technique or strategy, one should be able to analyze the market target, consumer preference, market segment and also understand the consumer behavior (Kotabe and Helsen).
One of the major forms of marketing is internet marketing. This paper will evaluate and analyze internet marketing in United States of America. The paper will discuss the challenges faced by internet marketing and advantages enjoyed by internet marketers. In addition, the paper will also analyze who are targeted for online marketing.
Internet marketing is also referred to as online marketing or online advertisement. This is a form of marketing or promotion that uses the internet to communicate promotional messages to the consumers. In the recent days, this kind of marketing has increased its popularity in different locations. The number of internet users has increased in the present compared to the last two decades. In December 2014, United States registered a 92% of the total population being able to access and uses the internet (Statista).
However, it is important to understand
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