Marketing Is A Complex And Valuable Tool

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Marketing is a complex and valuable tool in the business industry. Marketing is defined as “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising” (Oxford). Marketing is an industry that implements several tactics and strategies to entice consumers to use or purchase a certain brand or product. Several marketing tactics include persuasion through physiological, emotional, and logical appeal to make products and services seem more glamorous than they are in efforts to sell them. Marketing is a demanding aspect of the business world, since it offers the only movement of a product or service to a consumer, this means that marketing is reason for sales. Sales in a business is what drives the business and allows for success among companies. There is numerous aspects of the business industry that affect bottom line, however no more than marketing. Marketing gives a product or service value and causes an objective to sale the object/service in question. Marketing is a revolutionary industry that is the fuel for a successful business. The marketing advertising industry is a global, multibillion-dollar business that serves as a conduit between manufacturers and consumers (Advertising and Marketing Statistics, n.d.). Marketing is directly related to how advertisement invokes better business among companies. It is proven that marketing done correctly can lead to “Whether for nonprofit organizations or Fortune 500 companies,
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