Marketing Is A Key Element For Achieving Success For Any Organization

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Marketing is a crucial element in achieving success for any organization. There is not one universal interpretation of marketing and how it should be defined; in fact, throughout its origins many people have endeavored to chain together different ways of explaining what marketing is. Even though there is not one distinct way to define marketing, all definitions are relevant and help form an understanding of the concept. Kotler defines marketing as “human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange processes” (Kotler, 1983). However, others believe that there is more to marketing than just the satisfaction of needs and the process of exchange. There are multiple facets of the business philosophy of marketing, perhaps…show more content…
In order to understand Kotler’s definition, the difference between needs and wants must be established. Smith and Colgate express human needs as a “state of felt deprivation in a person” and wants as “the expression of human needs as they are shaped by a person’s culture and individual development." Kotler believed that an individual can "satisfy their needs and wants through an exchange and market processes." Meaning gaining access to ownership over a desired corporeal body through offering the person or entity something in return.
This process can be evident within the organization of Threadless and their marketing procedures’, as the people who enter their designs may have been exposed to the web site through shared interests within particular subcultural groups. Therefore, they enter the competition because they feel that Threadless offer the opportunity to satisfy their needs of wanting to be a part of the artistic industry because they perhaps feel deprived of acceptance from that particular group. Thus, they go through an exchange process with the organization of Threadless. Where they exchange their design for votes, in hope that the votes are exchanged for Threadless fame, money, and material objects
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