Marketing Is A Process By Individuals And Groups Obtain

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Marketing is a process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering, and exchanging products and services of value freely with others. Since the early 1900s, marketing has been around, which many people can’t believe and don’t want to. Right around 1950s, many marketing companies was seeing that the old ways wasn’t working anymore with the consumers. That made the companies make their competition harder and harder for all those that was competing against each other for sells. Instead companies realize that it wasn’t about them it was about what the consumers wanted and understanding what their needs was or what brings them in the store to shop, which brings the marketing concept, meaning the…show more content…
Meanwhile, the marketing industries will have to come up with a plan such as a design of how they will get the consumers to buy more of the same item. Also, they will have to make sure they deliver the material and make sure it’s a price the consumers will pay for the item. Finally, the marketers have to make sure they develop the item the way that a consumer would like and pay for the item. They can also take surveys of what the consumers like and what they don’t like.
Marketing is all about the art of developing, advertising and distrusting goods and services as well as business. The marketing industry must also make sure it’s not just limited to goods and services. It has to make sure that they extend it to everything from places to ideas and the in between. While during that it will bring many challenges to the marketing industry so they can make strategy decisions. And answer to these challenges depends on the market the company is catering to, for consumer market decision are with respect to product, packaging and distribution channel. For business market, knowledge and awareness of product is very essential for marketing people as businesses are on the lookout to maintain or establish a credential in their respective market. For global market, marketing people have to consider not only culture diversity but also be careful with respect to international trade laws, trade
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