Marketing Is Discovering And Satisfying Consumer Needs

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Question #1 (6 Marks) The first objective in marketing is discovering and satisfying consumer needs. Explain the consumer insight that led to the re-launch of Hershey’s new chocolate bar. The consumer’s of the Take 5 chocolate bar were in their late teens and young adulthood who still enjoyed their brakes with tasteful treats. The target users were asked to give a comparison between the other treats that were available along with the Take 5. The results were positive for Take 5 and the consumers were likely to purchase Take 5 as compared to other treats from different brands. The reason for the consumers to like this product was its delicious taste and texture which made the Hershey’s Canada to re launch the product with an aggressive market strategy. Question #2 (6 Marks) Hershey’s Marketing manager thought it important not only to profile the target audience demographics, but also other segmentation variables. Explain why it is a good idea to consider consumer behaviour and lifestyle segmentation variables. To identify the behaviour of the consumer towards the product, its helps to recognise what the consumer needs, and the understanding of how to reach out to the consumer by helping them make the decision to purchase that particular product. It gives an insight to evaluate the kind of influence required to sell the product by giving them a reason (why would they need that product, what makes it so special). Every particular consumer’s needs cannot be met individually
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