Marketing Is Everything

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Is Everything by Regis McKenna

he 1990s will belong to the customer. And that is great news for the marketer. Technology is transforming choice, and choice is transforming the marketplace. As a result, we are witnessing the emergence of a new marketing paradigm - not a "do more" marketing that simply turns up the volume on the sales spiels of the past but a knowledge- and experience-based marketing that represents tbe once-and-for-all death of the salesman. Marketing 's transformation is driven by tbe enormous power and ubiquitous spread of tecbnology. So pervasive is technology today tbat it is virtually meaningless to make distinctions between technology and nontecbnology businesses and
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Several decades ago, there were sales-driven companies. These organizations focused their energies on changing customers ' minds to fit the product - praeticing the "any color as long as it 's black" school of marketing. As teehnology developed and competition increased, some companies shifted their approach and became eustomer driven. These companies expressed a new willingness to change their product to fit customers ' requests - practicing the "tell us what color you want" school of marketing. In the 1990s, successful companies are becoming market driven, adapting their products to fit their customers ' strategies. These companies will practice "let 's figure out together whether and how color matters to your larger goal" marketing. It is marketing that is oriented toward creating rather than controlling a market; it is

based on developmental education, incicmcntul improvement, and ongoing process rather than on simple market-share tactics, raw sales, and one-time events. Most important, it draws on the base of knowledge and experience that exists in the organization.


hese two fundamentals, knowledge-based and experiencebased marketing, will increasingly define the capabilities of a successful marketing organization. They will supplant the old approach to marketing and new product development. The old approach - getting an idea, conducting traditional market research,
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