Marketing Is Not Just Selling And Advertising

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Marketing is everywhere and as consumers we see it daily. However, marketing is not just selling and advertising, although they make up a critical role in marketing. With so many forms of marketing, so many products, and limited number of customers: how do firms compete? In an interview with Gail Smith, Chairman and CEO of Abbene | Smith Global, LLC, I received insight on what the requirements for a successful business and how marketing plays a critical role in the day-to-day operations, as well as, long-term finance of business. In order to be successful in marketing there are many different perspectives; however, in the interview those found the most notable were: strategic planning, branding, cultural understanding, and finally customer service. Gail M. Smith, Chairman and CEO of Abbene | Smith Global, LLC graduated from California State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, she then continued with a Master Degree in Accounting at Houston Baptist College. Several other notable accolades include a Fellowship in Economics from Harvard University. Gail has worked with Coca-Cola’s Marketing Operations as its executive, as well as, the Director of Sales and Marketing for General Motors. Gail’s years of experience in marketing and sales, is a critical perspective in our analysis of Marketing. Besides her work experience, Gail is also an expert marketing strategy, strategic planning, and competitive analysis. Gail’s current business as CEO of her company pursues
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