Marketing Is The Holistic Approach

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Marketing is crucial to the success of a brand and is an encompassing set of processes facilitated for generating, communicating and bringing value to consumers. Moreover, marketing is about managing relationships with consumers in ways that benefit the organizations and its stakeholders. The marketing concept most widely used is the holistic approach. According to Kolter (2012) “It is the concept based on the development, design and implantation of marketing programs, processes, and activities that recognize their breadth and interdependencies.” A meticulous marketing plan begins with a market and competitive analysis, search for opportunities, and consumer feedback. The 4 P’s of marketing will be construed during this stage. The promotional mix allows the brand to build a strategy for the packaging, pricing, promotion, and communication vehicles to provide the best value to the consumer. In order to best position a brand competitively in the market a marketer needs to carefully exploit the STP process or segment the market, create a target market and position the brand accordingly. Once the target market is established, it’s vital to learn the psychological factors of behavior. The brand manager needs to then create a mission that embraces essentials to include, its purpose, values and behavioral and psychographic attributes of the defined target consumer discussed earlier. The next step is communicating and connecting with the consumers. A brand must create a
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