Marketing Is an Art or Science?

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Marketing is an art and science Before making any argument about this I would like to share my own view point MARKETING IS AN ART: Yes it’s quite true that marketing is an art, or we can call it beauty of innovation, creativity and imagination. Marketing is a world where “dreams become realty”. Marketing is also an art because it involves non-verbal ways of communication processes that involve delicate and hidden messages for specific audience. I am calling marketing an art because it creates conscious and unconscious connections between consumer and advertising. To make my point clear I would like to give an example of DALDA, in the Dalda oil ad they use a tag line “JAHAN MAMTA WAHAN DALDA” what basically they try to do they just try…show more content…
There is another big question in the marketing world who succeeds and who does not. In marketing world we have art directors they trying to be creative and use their innovative skills to do marketing but they usually face a failure because they are lacking to see the long-term picture. And we also have “scientific market researchers” who heavily concentrate on the research side and make decisions on the bases of the number results; they should also consider other factors as well. I am not saying they are always wrong, but they are also not right as well. As we know our brain also has two sides’ right and left. In order to work in a concurrently both parts need to work together. so this means arts needs science as much as science needs art in order to do marketing in successful way. THANK YOU FOR YOUR
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